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iconTime TimeSource for Windows
- Scheduling and Lockout software module -

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TheScheduling / Lockout software moduleintegrates seemlessly with the TimeSource LITE or FULL software versions.

Choose this powerful option when ordering a Complete TimeSource SystemorAdd-A-Moduleto your existing TimeSource software.

iconTime Source Sheduling and Lockout sofware module - Time Clock

The Scheduling software module lets you catch attendance problems as they occur!!

- Flexible:
An override allows a suppervisor to approve early or late punches at the time clock terminal. Even after polling, punches may
be edited or easily re-assigned to different schedules from within the TimeSource software.

- Tardy Reports:Who was late for work today, yesterday, last week, or this pay period? Tardy employees can be locked out from punching
the terminal, requiring immediate supervisor notification and override before starting work. You may also choose to allow late employees to
punch in without locking out the employee's punch. Either way, a tardy employee will be flagged on all attendance reports.

- Early-In Reports:Stop Time Theft by reporting or locking out employees who are "e;Riding the Clock"e; by signing in several minutes
before their shift starts. Studies show this can save up to 6% of your payroll costs.

- Absentee Reports:A well run company can not afford absent employees. Find out immediately who is Absent and what Departments
are short staffed. Absences may be tracked as excused or un-excused. When combined with our "e;Full Version's"e; accural feature you will be
able to track all schedule variations such as Vacations, Sick Days, Personal Days, Holidays, Off-Site hours and other codes in one software

- Employee Lock-Out:Disable the time clock terminal to prohibit employees from punching outside of their defined schedule times. This
feature is easily overridden at the terminal where a supervisor can signify if an attendance violation is excused or unexcused. Supervisors
may also program the terminal to allow a complete shift to start early or late.